Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Journey From Blonde to Brunette

Senior year of high school, I finally gathered up the courage to go blonde.  I asked my stylist to turn my blonde and she informed me that the best way to do it is through highlights.  That first round did not leave me blonde, rather a brunette with blonde highlights, which I hope to never embark upon again.  I eventually went blonder and blonder till I was all blonde.  I was a fan of the white blonde, not the yellow blonde, so my hair was basically platinum.  My underneath was kept dark, just because its cheaper, but I probably would not go for that option again.  As with most girls, I got bored of the blonde, mainly because I had tried to do an at home and dyed it that yellow blonde I'm not a fan of, so I decided to go brunette.  Now, I had already gone from blonde to brunette and wanted to go immediately back.  This I now attribute to picking the wrong shade of brunette, and also being younger.   This time around I wanted a big change, so I decided I really wanted to be a red head.  I had my first initial dye done at a salon.  Many salons now carry hair color that has keratin in it, which is really good for your hair.  However, being a college student, I can not afford to keep going to the salon for a touch up, so I now do box color.  I used the clariol nice and easy, dark auburn, probably about 4 times (spread out over 4 or 5 months) to really make sure my hair wouldn't keep fading to blonde.  Since then, I have been using clariol natural instincts, cinnaberry medium auburn, to maintain my color.  Since going to brunette, or red head, my hair has grown faster, had less split ends, saved me so much money, and made me look more professional.  People take me more seriously now, and I never have roots, which I feel can make you look unkept, if you let them grow out too much.  I think just based on the pure fact that it has been easier to find a job, and save me hundreds a year, the healthy hair and great new look are a bonus.  No regrets here and, the greatest part, I don't miss being blonde!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Freeman Beauty Masks (from September Ipsy)

As I was over on MUT looking for October Ipsy spoilers, someone posted that the Freeman Beauty Masks deal gave you a lot of bang for your buck.  Well seeing as I am beyond stocked on makeup and hair products (I don't have to buy either ever again thanks to subscriptions), I figured I might as well check into face and body products.  With the code, IPSYFB, on the freeman beauty website, I was able to get 17 sample size masks, the pssst dry shampoo, a full size dead sea minerals anti-stress foaming bath, a surprise gift, and free shipping for $26.99.  I love deals, and this seems like a great deal to me.  I've already tried the moisturizing paper mask from my ipsy bag and I really liked it, therefore, I am super excited and love a great deal.

So, because I was so eagerly awaiting my package, I noticed that my ups tracking was not updating past "label made."  I gave it a few days and finally emailed Freeman Beauty.  Let me just tell you that their customer service is AMAZING!  I first received an email from an office assistant letting me know that they did have a lot of order due to the promo code and some were delayed or lost.  However, because of this, 3 additional gifts would be added to these delayed or lost orders.  They apologized profusely and said that my package would be delivered the next day.  At this point I was just excited to be getting even more for my buck, and that my package was indeed on its way.  Well it only gets better.  I then received another email, I think from their customer service department, apologizing profusely once again and giving me another tracking number.  This is when I observed that they had next day aired my package.  All in all, my package is taking a week to get here, I am enthralled with the customer service, and from what I've heard, the products will be amazing too.  I would highly recommend this company and I will be buying from them again (and probably sending a thank you email).

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Broadway Nails imPRESS Review

In my spring fever voxbox from influenster, I received Broadway Nail imPRESS manicure nails in Glisten Up.  It is a shiny purple color.  I'm really glad I got to try them out before I spent money on them.  I've considered picking some up lately but ended up spending the money on nail polish instead.  The packaging is cute, in it's fake nail polish design.  The peel off backings make it easy to use.  However, by the time you pick out your nail sizes and press them on, it takes the same amount of time as a normal polish manicure.  I found that they did not fit my nails exactly right, making it look exactly like I had used pressed on nails.  They made me feel a bit like a little girl putting on nails, especially with the purple color.  I ended up removing them within an hour of applying them.  I did not think they were appropriate to wear to work.  I wish I could've tried the French Manicure ones seeing as that would be the only color I would consider buying in press on nails.  I would suggest just buying a bottle of any color that you like and getting many uses out of that.  The press on nails are actually really short, not adding length like one would with fake nails at a salon.  Therefore, I probably will not be spending money on these or recommending them to anyone else.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Birchbox May 2013 Review

birchbox may 2013 review

birchbox may 2013 review

Unboxing of my birchbox! I will update with my reviews of the products as I get to use them!

Fabulous by Isaac Mizrahi: I feel like the fragrance is too musky for me.  I prefer floral, citrus scents to ones like this one.  My finace likes it though, so I will only wear it if he asks. 

Supergoop CC Cream: This is the product I was most excited about this month so I am bummed that the sample was smaller than the perfume sample (I put the sample in the pictures for size references). 

Whish Shave Cream in blueberry: I don't normally use shaving cream so I'm not overly excited for this. It will have to be freaking amazing for me to be even a bit excited. 

Beauty Protector leave in conditioner and detangler: I have a lot of oils that all seem to condition and detangle.  However, people rant and rave about this product.  It'll be interesting to see how it measures up to the others!  

Amika nourishing hair mask: This is a deep conditioner.  I'm sure I will love it but it looks to be only good for one or two uses, amount wise. 

Amika oil treatment for the hair: Anti-frizz, shine and nourishment.  Another oil to try out!  My hair has never looked so good.  Just wish it was resealable.

Verdict: I think the reason I am so bleh about this box is sample sizes.  I just want a little more umph.  However, I see why birchbox does it.  Who would want to buy the full size when you already have enough of the product? I will continue to refrain from a purchase until I find something I love and don't already have.

Friday, May 10, 2013

May Birchbox 2013 Spoilers

So today is the day when Birchbox releases all their boxes online!  Looking through instagram, I realize that many people have already gotten their box, and mine is projected to be delivered May 14th.  However, it is common for Birchboxes to be delivered early so I will be on the look out.

To find out what you are getting:

Log in to, and click on box.

To find out when you are getting it:

Log in to, go to account settings under your name, look next to the grey truck.

To find out what others are getting and what box number you have:

I put the link for my box, but to view the others just change the number on the end.


Friday, May 3, 2013

May Ipsy Sneak Peek #4

Ipsy did something different this month by using snap chat to send, what I thought, was going to be the next sneak peek.  However, it turned out to be a sneak peek of a sneak peek. (not my picutre)

They did however, post ads around the internet advertising this bag and the Zoya:

I personally think the bag is adorable! I'm surprised it didn't go along with the whole flowers theme but I am just as happy.  It is very summery!

Some super sleuths over at MUT found this on Ipsy's website:

The rollerball's are perfumes from Pacifica.  The silver item appears to be St. Tropez tanner.  The blue dropper is Arganics by NuMe Argan Oil.  The two white bottles are Pacifica body butter tube.  The brown bottle with green cap is Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment.

I'm loving this spoiler but hating it at the same time.  Ipsy says we will be getting two things from the items pictured, but I want to try everything.  I will most likely have some serious bag envy this month.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Ipsy Sneak Peek #3

Item number 3 is concealer! Some are saying it may be Yaby, also, there is a question of whether we are getting all four or just one.  I hope all four, I want to try contouring! However, if it is just one, we will find out if Ipsy is really personalizing the bags!

Ipsy confirmed that we will only be getting one concealer based on our profile.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Ipsy Sneak Peek #2

Sneak peek 2! So we can for sure say they are going for the may flowers theme.  Mirabella just posted on their facebook page:
Pixie Colour Sheers lipstick on the machine! Watch out Ipster's, this hot shade may be in your Glam Bag...
So, now it is to determine the colors.  I just want to point at that if they are full size, the value of this product alone will be at least 20 dollars! Plus 8 for the Zoya (from sneak peek 1) and a confirmed 5 products for this month... I am so happy with the value.

The hint gives away that we will only be getting one of these:

Sweet lips for spring are yours with one of these fun lip products

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Ipsy Sneak Peek #1

Gah, beyond excited for May Ipsy! 

If you look in the upper left hand corner, you can see a ZO, which has led many to believe that these are ZOYA nail polishes!

That is a link to the collection.  I would love any of them but I really really want the blue.  I've heard nothing but good things about Zoya.  Also, as many bad things as I thought about the Sation from April, it has lasted forever on my nails.  The no chip power alone makes me love it.  So I am beyond excited for Zoya.  

Also, a possible theme of may flowers for the may bag? 


You told us you wanted more makeup and better brands, and we listened. We think it's time you give the Glam Bag another try. May's bag is gonna be an AMAZING value. It includes a full-size nail polish from Zoyaplus 4 additional beauty products personalized for YOU. Act fast to reserve your spot. We currently do NOT have a Waitlist (but that won't last for long). RE-SUBSCRIBE NOW!

This was emailed out to get people to resubscribe.  So full size and five items this month? I am soooo excited. Gah.  And the colors for zoya look so pretty!


This picture was posted on Pinterest.  It has swatches of all the colors.  I still love the Blu though.

Monday, April 29, 2013

April Birchbox Review

I have a lot to say about this box!  This was my first birchbox ever and I decided to subscribe when they did that whole "subscribe before april 14th to get April's box."  People were having rave reviews about this month between the revitalizing eye roller and color changing nail polish. 

First things first.  Shipping.  Birchbox got some brownie points for their shipping and organization skills.  When I subscribed, Birchbox said my box would ship april 25th.  Low and behold, I got an email saying it had shipped probably about a week before April 25th.  THEN, it had and expected delivery date of April 25th and got here at least two days early.  Definitely earned some points in my book!

So because of finals, I ripped open my box, before taking any pictures, and am posting late.  It's been a long month.  This was the first thing I found, a "year" subscription to Women's Health magazine.  I put year in quotations because it is only ten months worth, last time I checked a year was twelve.  However, I am very very happy with this.  This alone is ten dollars and I don't already subscribe so why not!  All I had to do was fill out the card and then mail it.

This is my information card.  After reading and comparing, I realized that I had received the simple revitalizing eye roller as well.  Bonus! I'm glad because it is probably my most useable item.  Plus it is full size.

This is the eye roller.  I was so lucky to receive this during finals week... I really needed it.  You are supposed to use it in little circular motions but that picture on the package looks like it is supposed to go back and forth, so I've tried both. Either way, the eye roller feels really cold and refreshing.  I think it does wake your eyes up.  However, I am not sure if it visually does anything.  Would I buy it? probably not.  I would prefer a combo of this cool and one that helps puffiness.  However, since I have a full size bottle, I will probably use that thing every day until I run out.

The next thing I got was this Caudaile Divine Oil.  I have never used an oil before, so I am not sure what they are supposed to do.  I am guessing moisturize since the packaging says it is good for your hands, cuticles, and face.  I put some on my hands last night after my shower.  I was scared to put too much and be all oily but I also didn't feel moisturized with the amount I used.  I personally love the smell.  It smells like a vase of flowers.  However, I don't think I would want that strong of a smell on my face.  I can understand why some people were put off by the smell.  If you don't like a strong flower smell, this is not for you.

I received two foil packets of this Elizabeth Arden visible difference optimizing skin serum.  It is supposed to renew skin clarity and texturize skin as it evens skin tone.  With the name being visible difference, I was hoping for a, well, visible difference.  I put it on after the shower as well.  It feels as though it is tightening my skin, like an anti wrinkle type thing.  I think it may have evened my skin tone, and I don't even know what skin clarity means so I can't comment on that part.  I think for my last packet of this I will take before and after pictures to make sure.  I don't think I will buy this, since I have never thought I needed optimizing skin serum, however, the I really like the product, just not an "I have to have it."

I feel like a slacker writing this review.  I haven't tried any of these because every time I remember I have them, I have just brushed my teeth.  I am excited to try them though!

I haven't tried this yet either.  With finals, I never really had a reason to style my hair.  I am interested to see why this is a styling spray along with thermal spray.  I kind of think it my be like a thermal hair spray.  I shall see!

Last was this Cargo Hybrid Touch-Up Powder.  I had just been gifted a Cargo bronzer so I was worried I would have doubles when my birchbox came.  I was surprised to receive this.  What is even more confusing is on the birchbox website they are only selling bronze, not the Hybrid.  Honestly, I don't know how to use this, is it a powder, is it a bronzer, why is there a brush? Do I use one side at a time or both together? I am beyond confused.  I need to do some research.

Verdict: I feel like I received a lot for my ten dollars.  That makes me so happy! However, I don't know what half of this is or how to use it.  So I really do feel like this is an adventure discovery service, more so than Ipsy.  I love both Ipsy and birchbox for different reasons.  I am very happy I have a year to both!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 2013 Ipsy Review

My bag traveled up and down Florida to get to me.  I don't have other months to compare it too, since this was my first month, but I feel like it took way too long to get here.  At one point it was in Orlando, where I live, and then next time I checked it was in West Palm Beach, only to get sent back to Orlando.  It was a bit frustrating, but it is finally here!  Even if you check out all the spoiler and know what you will be getting, being able to see the colors on your own skin and having them to use is just as exciting as leaving it as a surprise.  Well, I think so anyways.

ipsy april 2013 glam bag

ipsy april 2013 glam bag

The bag is so cute.  However, white is not the best color.  As you will see, my blush broke, and it spilled some on my bag when I took it out.  So, the bag is already dirty  No fun.

april 2013 ipsy be a bombshell blush sweet cheeks swatch

broken ipsy april 2013 blush sweet cheeks

Here is my broken blush and a swatch of it.  I emailed ipsy a picture of the broken blush and, within two hours, they sent me a very nice email back saying they will replace it.  That swatch is from me swiping the extra that has spilled out the sides from it breaking.  I actually really love this color.  I tested it on my cheek after the gym before I showered and it is actually the exact color my cheeks turn after they gym, just in shimmer form.  Therefore, I am very very happy with it.  I may attempt to use it even though it's broken, but it may be too hard to not get too much product.  I'll post pictures if I can get it to work!

april ipsy 2013 healthy sexy hair soy renewal

I received the healthy sexy hair soy renewal as opposed to the big sexy hair volumizing powder.  At first I wanted the powder, but then I was accepted into the bzzagent got2b volumizing powder campaign and figured I would use the soy renewal more.  Funny thing is both ipsy and my bzzagent package got here on the same day.  I put this on my hair after my shower and it is supposed to make your hair dry faster when blow drying.  I think it even made it dry faster through air drying, seeing as I hate blow dryers.  The only thing I'm bummed about is that it takes out all of the wave of my hair, so it's straight right now.  No frizz though, and super soft.  Side note, it is near impossible to squeeze the product out of this stiff sample bottle.

mica shimmer powder earth april ipsy 2013

mica shimmer powder earth swatch april ipsy 2013

This is my favorite product this month.  It is the mica beauty shimmer powder in "earth."  I die for anything pink and sparkley, and that is exactly what this is.  Pictures do not do it justice.  It is all shimmer.  I'll have to wear it when I post my blush picture!

sation nail polish swatch april ipsy 2013

sation april ipsy 2013 nail polish swatch

Now on to my least favorite product of the month.  I have a nail polish addiction, especially to pink nail polish.  This let me down a ton.  In the bottle, it looks so pretty in the bottle but then is just blah on.  My  pointer finger has one coat, my middle finger two, and no nail polish on my ring finger.  Maybe with white underneath, it'll show up like it does in the bottle.  Besides that, it takes forever to dry.  This is the one product I would not recommend to a friend.

Verdict: I'm still really happy with the bag even though I really only have two usable products from it right now.  The mica powder alone is worth at least ten dollars, when I eventually get the blush that'll be another sixteen dollars.  That alone is more than the ten dollars I paid.  I'm glad I bought a year subscription!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I gave in to Birchbox!

So I just ordered a year subscription of birchbox.  Ipsy is making me wait forever for my bag and in the meantime I've been looking at other subscription reviews.  Glossybox looks great but I didn't want to pay 21 dollars a month on top of ipsy.  So, I've been slightly following what's going on with april Birchbox and I saw an eye depuffer.  I was like I need that! So I was birchbox sold.  I ordered a year and hope that I'm happy each month, and I really really hope I get the depuffer this month!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Olia Dark Intense Auburn Review

One word comes to mind for this experience... regret.  Let me give you a bit of my hair history.  I used to home dye my hair brown every 4 to 6 weeks using natural instincts.  Then my stupid butt decided I wanted to go blonde.  So, I started getting highlights and fell in love with being blonde.  Well, when college rolled around, I was broke and tried to go back to brunette for my wallets sake.  I got it dyed at a salon then continued at home.  It would always fade back to a weird blonde color and my friends convinced me to go back to blonde.  So I did.  I tried to find ways around paying over 100 dollars at a salon by doing it at home, but I always ended up back in a salon.  Recently, I dyed my hair an auburn color, at a salon.  Only 3 weeks later, all of my red was gone, my blonde was back and I decided to do an at home job.  I decided on olia, hoping it wouldn't fade as fast, and I had heard mostly good things about it.  I pick up 4.60 dark intense auburn, since the majority of my hair was light brown.  Here are my before pictures:

I followed all the directions.  I found that the applicator bottle, which is tear drop shaped, is impossible to shake with gloved hands.  I had to use both hands on the bottle and awkward shake it.  Now the consistency is very awkward.  It tends to dry into a hardened shell type thing.  As you will see with my after results, apparently I missed a bunch of my hair.  I also think that it didn't grab onto my hair that well.  I still managed to drip it literally everywhere, the worse I've ever dripped it.  It took me forever to apply and I had to wait the thirty minutes.  I now know what is so enticing about foam hair dyes.  So I washed it out and people don't lie.  The water will literally never run clear.  So I did my best, applied the conditioner and got out.  At first I was happy... until I looked at my after pictures.  I basically want to cry:
olia dark intense auburn 4.60

olia dark intense auburn 4.60

olia dark intense auburn 4.60

From the front, it looks great, from any other angle I look like a crazy person.  I'm for sure going to try and wash out as much as I can, using lots of sulfate shampoo and conditioner.  My hair feels dry and damaged.  I will have to wear my hair up for the next month.  And you know what I'm doing next month? Natural instincts semi permanent.  If only I could afford to go the the salon once a month... sigh.  Another bad hair job to put in the books.

I will never ever recommend olia or buy it again.  Going back to what I know, the salon and natural instincts.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thumbs down for the new Jergens formula

I used the Jergens natural tanner for prom my junior and senior year.  I used it everyday and found that I was extremely too tan.  It looked almost unnatural for me, it really is more of a glow than a tan.  The best way I can put it is that I was more orange than brown.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't look like an oompa loompa, I just know that a natural tan is more brown on me.  This past November, I decided I wanted to be tan but refused to get in a tanning booth so I opted for Jergens once again.  I grabbed some face Jergens and some body Jergens.  Now, I'm guessing that I grabbed one of the few "old formula" bottles of Jergens.  I've seen ads that they changed the formula to make the smell better.  The smell never bothered me.  My fiance would tell me that I smelled like a baby but hey, at least I was tan. Also, this time around I do it about every other day.  Right now, I do it every few days when I can muster up the energy to try and reach every spot on my back.

So once I ran out of the old formula, I picked up another bottle of the body lotion but in the new formula.  At first, I was like mmmm this smells like the beach.  This is great!  However, I'm starting to hate it, to the point of not using it anymore.  The smell sticks on you more.  With the old formula, I would go to sleep smelling like a "baby" and wake up with relatively no smell.  Now, this new formula just turns into the old formula smell and does not go away.  It has gotten on my sheets and pillow and has made my blankets smell weird.  It still does a great job gradual tanning, I actually think it works faster.  I am literally too scared to use it everyday.  I get a great tan after just two uses with the new formula.  However, as much as I love the color, I'm debating whether or not I'll be replacing this bottle.  I might start looking into a self tanner instead of a gradual tanner.  I just can't stand trying to strain to reach all of my back every day and this smell is really getting to me.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Official April Ipsy Sneak Peek #4

Ipsy just released sneak peek #4 on Facebook for the April glam bag with the hint:

Your spring style isn't complete without one of these fabulous colors on your fingers.

They are Sation nail polish by Miss, retailing at $5 each.  The colors look to be "Love at First Byte" and "Of Corset I'll Call You" from the new Miss Antoinette collection.  They appear to be the same nail polishes that are pictured in Jessica Harlow's instagram picture (can be found under full april spoiler on my blog).  I love nail polish, and have to refrain from buying more every time I go to Walgreens.  I don't have a coral color yet but that bright pink would look great with my skin color.  I'll be so happy with either one!  It also appears that this will be the last hint, with only four items in the back this month.  I'm beyond excited that this will be my first bag and am already curious about May!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Official April Ipsy Spoiler #3

Ipsy posted their third spoiler picture on Facebook today along with the clue:

This spring, get tamed or get volumized with one of these fabulous products in your Glam Bag!

The blue bottle is healthy sexy hair soy renewal treatment. This is the "tamed" part of the clue.  I think it may be the renewal treatment just based on that it is supposed to tame.  "SOY RENEWAL is a nourishing styling treatment made with Moroccan Argan Oil that addresses moisture, frizz, smoothness, elasticity and shine concerns." - soy renewal web site.  

The red bottle is big sexy hair powder play. "POWDER PLAY is the perfect product to add volume to any hair type no matter the style or texture. Instantly liquefies itself when applied allowing hair to absorb the product and provide full, voluminous textured hair. It is weightless, odorless and colorless on hair!" -  from the big sexy hair website.

I would prefer the soy renewal treatment just because I am getting powder from a bzzagent campaign sometime this month.  The soy renewal treatment sounds like a great product.  I have not tried anything with Moroccan Argan Oil.  However, I currently love the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Spray, which I think is supposed to do essentially the same thing.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Official Ipsy April Sneak Peek #2

Ipsy April Sneak Peek 2

Eyeshadow Due:
Two cosmetics and ipsy

two cosmetics duo eyeshadow heartache
So thanks to instagram, it is known for sure that the duo will be two cosmetics "heartache" eyeshadow duo.  It retails at $6.99.  I'm hoping I will receive the mineral eye shadow from MICA just because I don't own any loose powder and it retails for me.  I do want the most value from my bag (personal use and monetary value).  Maybe ipsy will be nice and give us both! Guess we will wait to find out.

Loose Powder:

mica beauty mineral eye shadow

This is MICA beauty cosmetics mineral eye shadow in "Earth." It retails at at $15.  I'm not sure if the swatch from the instagram picture (ipsy complete spoiler) is this powder.  If it is, I would die to have this.  The swatch didn't look as pink though, more of a pearly white.  Either way, I'm praying to the ipsy gods for the mineral powder, not the duo.