Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Broadway Nails imPRESS Review

In my spring fever voxbox from influenster, I received Broadway Nail imPRESS manicure nails in Glisten Up.  It is a shiny purple color.  I'm really glad I got to try them out before I spent money on them.  I've considered picking some up lately but ended up spending the money on nail polish instead.  The packaging is cute, in it's fake nail polish design.  The peel off backings make it easy to use.  However, by the time you pick out your nail sizes and press them on, it takes the same amount of time as a normal polish manicure.  I found that they did not fit my nails exactly right, making it look exactly like I had used pressed on nails.  They made me feel a bit like a little girl putting on nails, especially with the purple color.  I ended up removing them within an hour of applying them.  I did not think they were appropriate to wear to work.  I wish I could've tried the French Manicure ones seeing as that would be the only color I would consider buying in press on nails.  I would suggest just buying a bottle of any color that you like and getting many uses out of that.  The press on nails are actually really short, not adding length like one would with fake nails at a salon.  Therefore, I probably will not be spending money on these or recommending them to anyone else.