Friday, March 29, 2013

Ipsy April Sneak Peek #1

After being on the wait list for about a month, I am finally going to receive Ipsy's April Glam Bag.  I think that since I have been waiting so long, I've been driven crazy wondering what I will get.  They will charge me April 1st for the bag and then ship it out some time that month I am guessing.  The bag is mainly focused around makeup, which is why I chose it over the others which included skin care, and 10 dollars a month.  I was keeping up to date on the March one, yet I'm happy that they didn't take me off the wait list until this month.  The march bag consisted of some eye shadow, gold and a green color I probably would never use.  A mirror magnet make up case type thing, that I also would probably never use.  A hydrating mist thing, I honestly didn't look much at it since I knew I wouldn't really use that either.  I don't tan much.  The last thing was traveling make up wipes.  I would probably use those but would've rather had make up.  So, I am already excited for April's bag.  The first sneak peak was

"APRIL GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #1: You're going to be blushing with excitement as we're putting in one of the most requested items in this month's Glam Bag!" 

Ipsy April Sneak Peak 1

The girls of have decided that it is beabombshell blush, which retails at 16 dollars.  Now, since I'm only paying 10 dollars for the bag I'm already happy with april.  I only recently started wearing blush, I have a peachy covergirl color.  Therefore, either of these will be totally different from what I own so I have no preference on what I get.  I'm hoping for another sneak peek today!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to land an Internship

I've been so busy lately with midterms and work.  However, I landed my first internship.  It is at a counseling center downtown.  This internship is different than the other ones I have interviewed for.  One day a week I will be doing administrative work.  The other day I will be working on a personal project.  For the personal project, I will be teamed up with one of the counselors to create a group or workshop based on something I pick.  I chose conflict resolution and crises intervention.  The counselor said we will make a curriculum for a workshop and I am beyond excited.  It will be amazing experience.  Now, there are a few things that I learned along the way to getting that "we want you" call.  First, use your college resources.  I am beyond lucky that my school has a whole program that helps you find an internship.  Once I was accepted, I met with my mentor and explained that I was looking for something psychology and human relations related.  After she unlocked my account, I was able to pick jobs from a database to apply for.  My mentor would tell me what she knew about the jobs and even sent me a template for my resume.  In the first two weeks I got calls for interviews.  One was a phone interview and the other (the internship I took) was at their office.  A tip that I had heard was that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you are applying for, when you go into an interview.  I wore professional business attire with natural make up and my hair pulled back.  I tried preparing for the interview, making a list of my strengths and weaknesses, but I learned that each interview is different.  The questions I was asked was how much I was willing to work, how I felt about certain situations, and even how well I get along with dogs.  After the interview, my interviewer said he liked me but he wanted me to email him ideas for my personal project and call him the next week.  When I called they said they wanted to offer me the position. Since they were looking for college students, they are completely flexible to my class schedule and are even allowing me to not start till after finals.  It is such a relief to know that I will be getting amazing experience and that they will work with me.  I think the most important tip is to use your college resources, they are there just to help you!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I Officially Hate Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret has been making me extremely angry this past year.  For Christmas I received 75 dollars in gift cards to VS.  I waited for the semi annual sale to go shopping to try and get the most for my money.  Even with the semi annual sale, I came out of the store feeling like I had way overpaid for my items.  I ended up purchasing a sweater, bra, and three lotions.  The sweater is super comfy but it is hot pink, not something I can wear every day.  I paid around 26 dollars for it.  I finally bought a nude bra but it doesn't fit quite as nicely as some of my other bras.  I think I paid about 25 for the bra.  The lotions were actually the only good deal in my eyes.  It was any three for 15 or five for 20.  I could only find three that I liked so I did three instead of five.  I just feel as though a Charlotte Russe gift card would have gotten me a lot further.  For my birthday, in February, I received a 50 dollar gift card.  I have been dying to get the black sequined backpack from VS for a while now.  I did not realize that it is 80 dollars.  I think that is absolutely ridiculous but I mean I need a new backpack and I have a gift card.  My next problem is finding it in stores.  I haven't been able to find it in the two VS stores I have access to.  Therefore, I tried to order it online, they wanted to charge me 14 dollars for shipping.  Are they crazy? They base shipping off the price of your item not the size.  That just doesn't make sense.  So ordering online is out of the question unless I want to spend extra money to get the free shipping at 100 dollars.  I traveled back to VS and asked if they could order it in store for me, since you get free shipping if you do this.  They said that they only do that if they run out of a size in something.  I left quite angry and would have given up by now if not for my gift card.  I feel as though VS is completely over rated now and they know it.  Another lingerie store needs to open up so they have some competition and lower their prices.  After this gift card they have probably lost my business.

Subscription Boxes

I have officially jumped on the subscription box train.  The problem is I am a poor college student and don't get to try all of the ones I want.  After much research, I decided on Ipsy.  However, they have a wait list, a long wait list.  I signed up about a month ago and am still waiting.  I am not overly disappointed because I don't find the March bag all that interesting.  So, because I am waiting, I have been researching other subscription boxes.  I've turned to make up for change instead of my hair, to save it from further damage.  From all my research, I have decided that there are just too many subscription boxes.  I am happy with my ipsy choice, I just wish it would get here already.  I got an invite from BirchBox but after all the bad reviews I read I am going to pass on that one.  I am not sure if I should get another beauty one or I should try a different one... say an adult subscription box.  I think that would be fun but they tend to be expensive.  Maybe, when I eventually get off the wait list at Ipsy, I will be satisfied with just one.  Until then I will use school to distract me from my new addiction!  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Review

aussie 3 minute miracle
This stuff is to die for! I can not live without it.  I like to use it every other time I wash my hair.  I wash my hair every other day.  The days I use this, my hair comes out feeling amazing.  It turns my hair from damaged to wanting to flip it around all day.  I end up playing with it the whole day just because it is so soft.  3 Minute Miracle is a deep conditioner that you leave on for three minutes and rinse with warm then cool water.  The price is great at around 4 dollars and the smell is even more amazing.  I highly recommend this for damaged hair or if you ever feel the need to have softer hair.  It is a great investment and has lasted me a really long time.  It is a must have.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Starbuck's Refreshers Canned Energy Drink Review

Starbuck's Refreshers Canned Energy Drink
Today was just one of those days when your patience is tested and therefore you come home feeling drained. I had one of those days today after working two extra hours at work, having a difficult time, and needing to grocery shop on the way home.  I picked up one of these Refreshers that are my go to drink.  According to the can, they are made with green coffee extract and carbonated fruit juices.  The Raspberry Pomegranate is my favorite flavor compared to the Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Mandarin.  I find that they give me a steady rush of energy without all the jitters from sugar in other energy drinks.  Also, I found that the green coffee drinks, they have ones you can order in Starbucks's cafes, has way more caffeine than regular coffee.  I have become a bit immune to low caffeine drinks so I am extra happy that the green coffee drinks wake me up.  I have found the canned Refreshers at Walgreens, 7-eleven, Walmart, and hit or miss at other gas stations.  Right now they are 2 for 3 at 7-eleven and occasionally at Walgreens.  If you are looking for an extra pick me up grab one of these! They do the job without all the extra chemicals that other energy drinks do. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Spray Review

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Spray
So today's beauty review is Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Spray.  I bought this spray when I was looking for an after shower healing leave in conditioner.  I bought this instead on a whim after reading the bottle.  According to the bottle, it is supposed to make hair 3 times stronger, healthier, silkier, and radiant.  It has olive, avocado, and shea.  The bottle says it is for dry, damaged hair.  I get my a partial highlight on a regular basis.  Therefore, since the underneath of my hair is my natural hair, I can see first hand the damage that highlighting has done to my hair.  My blonde hair is frizzy, dry, and actually wavier due to the damage.  So the first time I used the nutrient spray I was sold.  The bottle says you can use it on both dry and damp hair.  I have used it on both and it makes my hair so soft and shiny.  At first, it seems as though it is making your hair greasy and heavy but as it dries it just becomes really silky. I am not sure if it is making my hair stronger and healthier, but I will continue to use and buy this product solely due to how soft it makes my hair.  It is a must have for me and I use it every day.  I highly recommend it!