Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I Officially Hate Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret has been making me extremely angry this past year.  For Christmas I received 75 dollars in gift cards to VS.  I waited for the semi annual sale to go shopping to try and get the most for my money.  Even with the semi annual sale, I came out of the store feeling like I had way overpaid for my items.  I ended up purchasing a sweater, bra, and three lotions.  The sweater is super comfy but it is hot pink, not something I can wear every day.  I paid around 26 dollars for it.  I finally bought a nude bra but it doesn't fit quite as nicely as some of my other bras.  I think I paid about 25 for the bra.  The lotions were actually the only good deal in my eyes.  It was any three for 15 or five for 20.  I could only find three that I liked so I did three instead of five.  I just feel as though a Charlotte Russe gift card would have gotten me a lot further.  For my birthday, in February, I received a 50 dollar gift card.  I have been dying to get the black sequined backpack from VS for a while now.  I did not realize that it is 80 dollars.  I think that is absolutely ridiculous but I mean I need a new backpack and I have a gift card.  My next problem is finding it in stores.  I haven't been able to find it in the two VS stores I have access to.  Therefore, I tried to order it online, they wanted to charge me 14 dollars for shipping.  Are they crazy? They base shipping off the price of your item not the size.  That just doesn't make sense.  So ordering online is out of the question unless I want to spend extra money to get the free shipping at 100 dollars.  I traveled back to VS and asked if they could order it in store for me, since you get free shipping if you do this.  They said that they only do that if they run out of a size in something.  I left quite angry and would have given up by now if not for my gift card.  I feel as though VS is completely over rated now and they know it.  Another lingerie store needs to open up so they have some competition and lower their prices.  After this gift card they have probably lost my business.

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