Friday, March 29, 2013

Ipsy April Sneak Peek #1

After being on the wait list for about a month, I am finally going to receive Ipsy's April Glam Bag.  I think that since I have been waiting so long, I've been driven crazy wondering what I will get.  They will charge me April 1st for the bag and then ship it out some time that month I am guessing.  The bag is mainly focused around makeup, which is why I chose it over the others which included skin care, and 10 dollars a month.  I was keeping up to date on the March one, yet I'm happy that they didn't take me off the wait list until this month.  The march bag consisted of some eye shadow, gold and a green color I probably would never use.  A mirror magnet make up case type thing, that I also would probably never use.  A hydrating mist thing, I honestly didn't look much at it since I knew I wouldn't really use that either.  I don't tan much.  The last thing was traveling make up wipes.  I would probably use those but would've rather had make up.  So, I am already excited for April's bag.  The first sneak peak was

"APRIL GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #1: You're going to be blushing with excitement as we're putting in one of the most requested items in this month's Glam Bag!" 

Ipsy April Sneak Peak 1

The girls of have decided that it is beabombshell blush, which retails at 16 dollars.  Now, since I'm only paying 10 dollars for the bag I'm already happy with april.  I only recently started wearing blush, I have a peachy covergirl color.  Therefore, either of these will be totally different from what I own so I have no preference on what I get.  I'm hoping for another sneak peek today!

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