Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Journey From Blonde to Brunette

Senior year of high school, I finally gathered up the courage to go blonde.  I asked my stylist to turn my blonde and she informed me that the best way to do it is through highlights.  That first round did not leave me blonde, rather a brunette with blonde highlights, which I hope to never embark upon again.  I eventually went blonder and blonder till I was all blonde.  I was a fan of the white blonde, not the yellow blonde, so my hair was basically platinum.  My underneath was kept dark, just because its cheaper, but I probably would not go for that option again.  As with most girls, I got bored of the blonde, mainly because I had tried to do an at home and dyed it that yellow blonde I'm not a fan of, so I decided to go brunette.  Now, I had already gone from blonde to brunette and wanted to go immediately back.  This I now attribute to picking the wrong shade of brunette, and also being younger.   This time around I wanted a big change, so I decided I really wanted to be a red head.  I had my first initial dye done at a salon.  Many salons now carry hair color that has keratin in it, which is really good for your hair.  However, being a college student, I can not afford to keep going to the salon for a touch up, so I now do box color.  I used the clariol nice and easy, dark auburn, probably about 4 times (spread out over 4 or 5 months) to really make sure my hair wouldn't keep fading to blonde.  Since then, I have been using clariol natural instincts, cinnaberry medium auburn, to maintain my color.  Since going to brunette, or red head, my hair has grown faster, had less split ends, saved me so much money, and made me look more professional.  People take me more seriously now, and I never have roots, which I feel can make you look unkept, if you let them grow out too much.  I think just based on the pure fact that it has been easier to find a job, and save me hundreds a year, the healthy hair and great new look are a bonus.  No regrets here and, the greatest part, I don't miss being blonde!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Freeman Beauty Masks (from September Ipsy)

As I was over on MUT looking for October Ipsy spoilers, someone posted that the Freeman Beauty Masks deal gave you a lot of bang for your buck.  Well seeing as I am beyond stocked on makeup and hair products (I don't have to buy either ever again thanks to subscriptions), I figured I might as well check into face and body products.  With the code, IPSYFB, on the freeman beauty website, I was able to get 17 sample size masks, the pssst dry shampoo, a full size dead sea minerals anti-stress foaming bath, a surprise gift, and free shipping for $26.99.  I love deals, and this seems like a great deal to me.  I've already tried the moisturizing paper mask from my ipsy bag and I really liked it, therefore, I am super excited and love a great deal.

So, because I was so eagerly awaiting my package, I noticed that my ups tracking was not updating past "label made."  I gave it a few days and finally emailed Freeman Beauty.  Let me just tell you that their customer service is AMAZING!  I first received an email from an office assistant letting me know that they did have a lot of order due to the promo code and some were delayed or lost.  However, because of this, 3 additional gifts would be added to these delayed or lost orders.  They apologized profusely and said that my package would be delivered the next day.  At this point I was just excited to be getting even more for my buck, and that my package was indeed on its way.  Well it only gets better.  I then received another email, I think from their customer service department, apologizing profusely once again and giving me another tracking number.  This is when I observed that they had next day aired my package.  All in all, my package is taking a week to get here, I am enthralled with the customer service, and from what I've heard, the products will be amazing too.  I would highly recommend this company and I will be buying from them again (and probably sending a thank you email).