Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thumbs down for the new Jergens formula

I used the Jergens natural tanner for prom my junior and senior year.  I used it everyday and found that I was extremely too tan.  It looked almost unnatural for me, it really is more of a glow than a tan.  The best way I can put it is that I was more orange than brown.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't look like an oompa loompa, I just know that a natural tan is more brown on me.  This past November, I decided I wanted to be tan but refused to get in a tanning booth so I opted for Jergens once again.  I grabbed some face Jergens and some body Jergens.  Now, I'm guessing that I grabbed one of the few "old formula" bottles of Jergens.  I've seen ads that they changed the formula to make the smell better.  The smell never bothered me.  My fiance would tell me that I smelled like a baby but hey, at least I was tan. Also, this time around I do it about every other day.  Right now, I do it every few days when I can muster up the energy to try and reach every spot on my back.

So once I ran out of the old formula, I picked up another bottle of the body lotion but in the new formula.  At first, I was like mmmm this smells like the beach.  This is great!  However, I'm starting to hate it, to the point of not using it anymore.  The smell sticks on you more.  With the old formula, I would go to sleep smelling like a "baby" and wake up with relatively no smell.  Now, this new formula just turns into the old formula smell and does not go away.  It has gotten on my sheets and pillow and has made my blankets smell weird.  It still does a great job gradual tanning, I actually think it works faster.  I am literally too scared to use it everyday.  I get a great tan after just two uses with the new formula.  However, as much as I love the color, I'm debating whether or not I'll be replacing this bottle.  I might start looking into a self tanner instead of a gradual tanner.  I just can't stand trying to strain to reach all of my back every day and this smell is really getting to me.

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