Monday, April 29, 2013

April Birchbox Review

I have a lot to say about this box!  This was my first birchbox ever and I decided to subscribe when they did that whole "subscribe before april 14th to get April's box."  People were having rave reviews about this month between the revitalizing eye roller and color changing nail polish. 

First things first.  Shipping.  Birchbox got some brownie points for their shipping and organization skills.  When I subscribed, Birchbox said my box would ship april 25th.  Low and behold, I got an email saying it had shipped probably about a week before April 25th.  THEN, it had and expected delivery date of April 25th and got here at least two days early.  Definitely earned some points in my book!

So because of finals, I ripped open my box, before taking any pictures, and am posting late.  It's been a long month.  This was the first thing I found, a "year" subscription to Women's Health magazine.  I put year in quotations because it is only ten months worth, last time I checked a year was twelve.  However, I am very very happy with this.  This alone is ten dollars and I don't already subscribe so why not!  All I had to do was fill out the card and then mail it.

This is my information card.  After reading and comparing, I realized that I had received the simple revitalizing eye roller as well.  Bonus! I'm glad because it is probably my most useable item.  Plus it is full size.

This is the eye roller.  I was so lucky to receive this during finals week... I really needed it.  You are supposed to use it in little circular motions but that picture on the package looks like it is supposed to go back and forth, so I've tried both. Either way, the eye roller feels really cold and refreshing.  I think it does wake your eyes up.  However, I am not sure if it visually does anything.  Would I buy it? probably not.  I would prefer a combo of this cool and one that helps puffiness.  However, since I have a full size bottle, I will probably use that thing every day until I run out.

The next thing I got was this Caudaile Divine Oil.  I have never used an oil before, so I am not sure what they are supposed to do.  I am guessing moisturize since the packaging says it is good for your hands, cuticles, and face.  I put some on my hands last night after my shower.  I was scared to put too much and be all oily but I also didn't feel moisturized with the amount I used.  I personally love the smell.  It smells like a vase of flowers.  However, I don't think I would want that strong of a smell on my face.  I can understand why some people were put off by the smell.  If you don't like a strong flower smell, this is not for you.

I received two foil packets of this Elizabeth Arden visible difference optimizing skin serum.  It is supposed to renew skin clarity and texturize skin as it evens skin tone.  With the name being visible difference, I was hoping for a, well, visible difference.  I put it on after the shower as well.  It feels as though it is tightening my skin, like an anti wrinkle type thing.  I think it may have evened my skin tone, and I don't even know what skin clarity means so I can't comment on that part.  I think for my last packet of this I will take before and after pictures to make sure.  I don't think I will buy this, since I have never thought I needed optimizing skin serum, however, the I really like the product, just not an "I have to have it."

I feel like a slacker writing this review.  I haven't tried any of these because every time I remember I have them, I have just brushed my teeth.  I am excited to try them though!

I haven't tried this yet either.  With finals, I never really had a reason to style my hair.  I am interested to see why this is a styling spray along with thermal spray.  I kind of think it my be like a thermal hair spray.  I shall see!

Last was this Cargo Hybrid Touch-Up Powder.  I had just been gifted a Cargo bronzer so I was worried I would have doubles when my birchbox came.  I was surprised to receive this.  What is even more confusing is on the birchbox website they are only selling bronze, not the Hybrid.  Honestly, I don't know how to use this, is it a powder, is it a bronzer, why is there a brush? Do I use one side at a time or both together? I am beyond confused.  I need to do some research.

Verdict: I feel like I received a lot for my ten dollars.  That makes me so happy! However, I don't know what half of this is or how to use it.  So I really do feel like this is an adventure discovery service, more so than Ipsy.  I love both Ipsy and birchbox for different reasons.  I am very happy I have a year to both!

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