Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 2013 Ipsy Review

My bag traveled up and down Florida to get to me.  I don't have other months to compare it too, since this was my first month, but I feel like it took way too long to get here.  At one point it was in Orlando, where I live, and then next time I checked it was in West Palm Beach, only to get sent back to Orlando.  It was a bit frustrating, but it is finally here!  Even if you check out all the spoiler and know what you will be getting, being able to see the colors on your own skin and having them to use is just as exciting as leaving it as a surprise.  Well, I think so anyways.

ipsy april 2013 glam bag

ipsy april 2013 glam bag

The bag is so cute.  However, white is not the best color.  As you will see, my blush broke, and it spilled some on my bag when I took it out.  So, the bag is already dirty  No fun.

april 2013 ipsy be a bombshell blush sweet cheeks swatch

broken ipsy april 2013 blush sweet cheeks

Here is my broken blush and a swatch of it.  I emailed ipsy a picture of the broken blush and, within two hours, they sent me a very nice email back saying they will replace it.  That swatch is from me swiping the extra that has spilled out the sides from it breaking.  I actually really love this color.  I tested it on my cheek after the gym before I showered and it is actually the exact color my cheeks turn after they gym, just in shimmer form.  Therefore, I am very very happy with it.  I may attempt to use it even though it's broken, but it may be too hard to not get too much product.  I'll post pictures if I can get it to work!

april ipsy 2013 healthy sexy hair soy renewal

I received the healthy sexy hair soy renewal as opposed to the big sexy hair volumizing powder.  At first I wanted the powder, but then I was accepted into the bzzagent got2b volumizing powder campaign and figured I would use the soy renewal more.  Funny thing is both ipsy and my bzzagent package got here on the same day.  I put this on my hair after my shower and it is supposed to make your hair dry faster when blow drying.  I think it even made it dry faster through air drying, seeing as I hate blow dryers.  The only thing I'm bummed about is that it takes out all of the wave of my hair, so it's straight right now.  No frizz though, and super soft.  Side note, it is near impossible to squeeze the product out of this stiff sample bottle.

mica shimmer powder earth april ipsy 2013

mica shimmer powder earth swatch april ipsy 2013

This is my favorite product this month.  It is the mica beauty shimmer powder in "earth."  I die for anything pink and sparkley, and that is exactly what this is.  Pictures do not do it justice.  It is all shimmer.  I'll have to wear it when I post my blush picture!

sation nail polish swatch april ipsy 2013

sation april ipsy 2013 nail polish swatch

Now on to my least favorite product of the month.  I have a nail polish addiction, especially to pink nail polish.  This let me down a ton.  In the bottle, it looks so pretty in the bottle but then is just blah on.  My  pointer finger has one coat, my middle finger two, and no nail polish on my ring finger.  Maybe with white underneath, it'll show up like it does in the bottle.  Besides that, it takes forever to dry.  This is the one product I would not recommend to a friend.

Verdict: I'm still really happy with the bag even though I really only have two usable products from it right now.  The mica powder alone is worth at least ten dollars, when I eventually get the blush that'll be another sixteen dollars.  That alone is more than the ten dollars I paid.  I'm glad I bought a year subscription!

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