Monday, May 13, 2013

Birchbox May 2013 Review

birchbox may 2013 review

birchbox may 2013 review

Unboxing of my birchbox! I will update with my reviews of the products as I get to use them!

Fabulous by Isaac Mizrahi: I feel like the fragrance is too musky for me.  I prefer floral, citrus scents to ones like this one.  My finace likes it though, so I will only wear it if he asks. 

Supergoop CC Cream: This is the product I was most excited about this month so I am bummed that the sample was smaller than the perfume sample (I put the sample in the pictures for size references). 

Whish Shave Cream in blueberry: I don't normally use shaving cream so I'm not overly excited for this. It will have to be freaking amazing for me to be even a bit excited. 

Beauty Protector leave in conditioner and detangler: I have a lot of oils that all seem to condition and detangle.  However, people rant and rave about this product.  It'll be interesting to see how it measures up to the others!  

Amika nourishing hair mask: This is a deep conditioner.  I'm sure I will love it but it looks to be only good for one or two uses, amount wise. 

Amika oil treatment for the hair: Anti-frizz, shine and nourishment.  Another oil to try out!  My hair has never looked so good.  Just wish it was resealable.

Verdict: I think the reason I am so bleh about this box is sample sizes.  I just want a little more umph.  However, I see why birchbox does it.  Who would want to buy the full size when you already have enough of the product? I will continue to refrain from a purchase until I find something I love and don't already have.

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